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Wool Art

During the summer months I tend to work in my garden studio painting and drawing flowers and garden views, gathering ideas for wool art. In the colder winter months I move indoors to my 'wool room' and develop wool art pieces inspired by these summer observations. I also enjoy observing landscapes and find that autumn and winter colours lend them selves particularly well to wool as a 'painting' medium.

Please click on the slideshow below to view wool art pictures, some of which are currently available. Shipping is calculated individually for your destination as these are glazed pictures in custom-made wooden frames which need careful packaging. For more details click again on the image.

Calla lilies
Wool art birch forest
Hideaway Cottage wool art
Little birds
Frosty walk reduced
Little Farm
Downland View
Needle felting a woodland walk
Rudbeckia - wool art
Frosty walk reduced.jpg

Using wool felt as a medium for 'painting' an image involves a subtle blending of fibres and sculpting of the wool to create a picture. The wool is slowly layered onto a felt or fabric base using a barbed felting needle or a small tool which has a cluster of several needles. Single needles in various thicknesses are used to develop the detail as the picture is built up, similar in many ways to using paint.
Inspiration usually starts with observational photographs, sketches and paintings which are then developed as a felted composition.
I also enjoy sculpting 3-d items from wool using needle felting methods and make small items such as brooches, bears, birds, hares which periodically become available.
Often I am asked to produce wool art pictures of a particular place as a special commission. Providing I feel my style lends itself to the location, I am delighted to be involved in these projects. As the 7th wedding anniversary is sometimes known as the 'Wool ' anniversary  my work is in demand for these occasions.
Many original felt pieces are now in private collections in both in Europe and the USA and some of the most popular images are available in print form as cards, coasters and place mats which can be purchased here in my website shop.
Some felted wool pictures are available in print as greetings cards, coasters and table mats. You'll find the classic cards HERE.
I also offer coaster cards where the card has a matching melamine coated coaster attached inside. Find them here!
Tableware ranges include coasters of many wool art pictures and table mats of a selected few which you will find HERE.

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