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Looking after your wool artworks.

If you have purchased a felted picture from me, you may be wondering how best to take care of a piece of textile artwork.

There are just a few main points to consider which will ensure that your picture does not suffer.

  • When you are choosing a site for your picture ensure that it never receives direct sunlight. Just as with soft furnishings, the dyes in the wool will change and fade with uv light.

  • Do not hang it in a room where there are extremes of temperature. Frames and backing boards for any artwork can warp. Condensation can form which could cause mould in the textile or mount.

  • Do not hang in a room which is damp or steamy as the water vapour can seep into the picture and cause mould to grow.

  • Keep an eye open for any insect infestation of the textile. Very occasionally a determined moth can find its way in and set up home in the wool. This is fairly unusual as moths usually like dark places. If it does happen, the frame simply has to be opened up, the moth removed and the mounted picture can be wrapped in polythene and placed in a freezer for a few days to kill any remaining creatures. Take care to re-tape the back of the picture when you return it to the frame.

Another landscape in a similar vein is e
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