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Spinning and weaving

Spinning by hand has taken my exploration of fleece into another dimension. In recent years there was been a huge revival of heritage crafts as we give more thought to traditional ways of making things. Much of the fleece I source locally and dye it myself after scouring and carding. This is a lengthy process when carried out in a domestic setting but great pleasure can be taken from personally seeing the process through from the raw material to a finished woven article. Hand spinning allows for irregularities in texture and endless blends of fibres and the finished woven or knitted items are truly unique. I also source local alpaca and blend this with wool and silk to produce more exciting and softer yarns. These yarns are used in knitting fingerless mittens and knitted felted handbags.

I have a small loom which I use for weaving scarves using the yarns I've spun or making pieces of textile which can be cut up and used to make accessories such as spectacle cases and zippy pouches.

Please explore finished scarves and mittens made from handspun yarns in my scarves and mittens shop .

Handbags and little pouches can be found with 'Bags and pouches'.




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